May 20th 2006


It's Springtime for Mattomatic!

Coming May 20th, another auction! This one benefits Homeward Pet, a no-kill, non-profit animal shelter in Kirkland. More information and tickets for the auction are available at their website: Take a long, last look at untitled 27... or buy it at the auction!

And perhaps what you would expect to be the headline here, I'm changing my name. From now on, I'll be known as Matt Wrenn. Luckily, I named my website based on my first name, so mattomatic won't be going anywhere...

Why change my name? Mostly to simplify my life. Being married with different last names is kind of a pain ("No really - I'm her husband."), and with the possibility of a kid entering our discussions, it just seems like it's time. Also, there's another abstract painter in town named Matt Jones, and while I think people confusing us is funny in a way, it's also, in a way, not that funny. I may show up soon at one of his regular parties and present him with a key to THE NAME, somehow. May it serve him well.

For those of you who are curious, the new name comes from my wife's family tree, though it also reflects the geographical origin of my bloodline. One possible definition of the name translates to "ring", which I think has a beautiful simplicity and symmetry to it. Geneologists of the future will curse us, but... whatever.

And finally, this summer will be busy with the construction of (among other things) a new studio to paint in. Yay new studio! Expect my work to crush itself into a whole 'nother dimension next winter! In the meantime, work shown in the gallery is still available to buy, just not on display anywhere at the moment.

As always, I appreciate your interest greatly - say hello if the mood strikes you.

Take care, and enjoy the sunshine.

- Matt