Gyopo Life

November 09 2005

BOB Backwards is BOB and MOM Upside Down is WOW

Last weekend was a fairly busy one, filled with art, good conversation, unusual people, and an excellent meal. I will have to shove Saturday’s events into a different blog post, since it seems the Friday one is lengthy enough.

I was unable to leave as early as I planned, but still plenty early to enjoy the one year anniversary of Gasworks Gallery. Lugging a bag of potatoes with me for their mashed potatoes grass roots community project, I got stuck with a name tag that said “Spud Donor”, then was later pointed out to me that when they wrote my name on the tag, it looked like they spelled “Kum”, but I consoled myself with a glass of wine. The gallery had “good karma” as a friend put it. The building at one time was used to build sails for boats. It was a very nice size, with several rooms and an upstairs. Most of the works were by Matt Jones, the owner of the facility, but there was a nice mixture of some of the other artists that work in the gallery. So there were paintings, photography, and metal art.

I was lucky enough to bump into a friend from work, and his friend. We just spent most of the time chatting, and he was able to indulge in his passion for cheese, and I was able to indulge in mine for wine.

Everyone was very nice. There was probably one or two people, that should of cut back on some of the wine they consumed, but it just made things more interesting. We were lucky enough to get a chance to chit chat with Matt Jones himself outside of the gallery. Very nice guy, with a great sense of humor. I have no clue how the conversation of BOB spelled backwards spells BOB, and MOM spelled upside down spells WOW got started or why it was so hilarious at the time. But it was good laughs had by all.

One time with Matt Jones, and hopefully if he does decide to coin the phrase in some way, he attributes it to that night and him in some fashion. ("The canvas used to make sails at one time, is now the median of a different kind of art.” Well I altered what was said exactly, but you get the jest.) Another thing he said which is so true for us, as well as for most people. Is that where we work may not last long or be a career, but its more for the people you come into contact with and get to know.

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